Malta Tech Talks Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Malta TechTalks. The purpose of this Code of Conduct (CoC) is to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants of the IT meetup for developers and engineers.
Our primary objective is to ensure that every individual attending the MaltaTech Talks has an enjoyable and positive experience. In order to create a welcoming environment for everyone, we kindly request all participants to familiarize themselves with the following guidelines and adhere to our simple rules.
Whether you are attending in person or virtually, presenting, or working with us, our focus is on creating an environment and experience that welcomes everyone and benefit all. By attending the events, participants agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.


  • Respect and Professionalism
Participants attending Malta Tech Talks are expected to treat each other with courtesy and consideration, acknowledging the diversity present among us and be open to diverse opinions and perspectives.

  • Inclusion
We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space where all participants feel genuinely welcomed. Our aim is to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and comfortable to participate and collaborate.
Regardless of age, gender, gender identity and expression, fostering an environment of mutual respect is crucial to ensuring a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

  • Safety
We strive to create an environment where individuals can engage freely without apprehension. Our commitment to safety extends to ensuring that everyone feels secure and protected throughout the duration of the meetup, contributing to an overall positive and enriching experience for all involved.

  • Rules
Malta Talks enforces a strict policy of zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. Any forms of discrimination or harassment, including those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other factors, are strictly prohibited. Harassment or stalking of any participant during the meetup is not tolerated. We also prohibit any form of misconduct or disruptive behavior that hinders the enjoyment of the event for other participants. It is our collective responsibility to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all.

To ensure a comfortable environment at the Malta Tech Talks:
  • We encourage you not to attend, if you have a fever or other symptoms that may put others at risk of becoming ill.
  • Please follow the rules of the venue and event organizer around smoking, vaping and using tobacco products. Only consume these products where and when permitted.
  • Please feel free to take photos and videos during the event, but kindly turn off both flash and sound on your camera.
  • Please ensure your phone is on silent throughout the event

  • Security
Access to our premises is governed by strict security measures to safeguard our assets and personnel. As part of these measures, all individuals are required to register before entry. This registration process is essential for maintaining an accurate record of visitors and ensuring compliance with our policies.


All of the above standards and expectations also apply to our digital platforms and community sites.
Content, posts and comments shared and created must not contain:
  • Accusatory, negative or destructive comments about other participants or the event.
  • Knowingly false or misleading comments
  • Content found to be in breach may be deleted or removed without warning.


We provide YouTube live streaming for our Malta Tech Talks. Your questions and feedback in the streaming chat related to speaker's reports and topics are very welcome, however, it is important to refrain from inappropriate use of this chat., This includes:
  • Usage of expletives or swearing.
  • Posting the same messages repeatedly across the same chat or multiple chats.
  • Sharing links about commercial products, services, and/or advertising.
  • Verbally attacking speakers


Our meetup organizers are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all participants. In the event of a CoC violation, the organizers will take the appropriate action, which may include issuing a warning to the individuals involved, providing clarity on the nature of the violation. In more severe cases or instances of repeated violations, the organizers shall have the authority to exclude the individual from the meetup. These measures are in place to uphold the principles of our community and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

How to report a CoC violation

If you encounter a CoC violation, you can report it to the meetup organizers. You can do it in person, by phone number +(356) 278 76123 or by email at


We trust that this Code of Conduct will contribute to creating a secure and inclusive environment for all participants of the Malta Talks and we will forward to welcoming you as our guest.

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Copyright © 2023-2024.
All Rights Reserved by «Altenar».
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